Sell Gold in NYC

Global Gold & Silver – Located in NYC

is our 2013 #1 rated Gold Buyer


Manhattan                                                  Brooklyn

7 West 45th Street                                       8819 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10036                                 Brooklyn, NY 11209
Phone: 212-302-4653                             Phone: 718-833-5900

Visit their website for information:

It takes more that just wanting to sell gold to actually do it, especially in NYC where gold buyers are in abundance, and its hard to know who to go to. By the time you find the right place to sell your gold in NYC, your head may be spinning!

It’s pretty clear why some gold buying companies stand above the rest, and the reason is that some gold buyers aren’t there to cheat you, and those are the ones that you need to do your business with. We can recommend one company that we noticed does great business, and that company is called Global Gold and Silver. They’re located on 45th street in Manhattan, and they are a wonder to deal with. Their representatives do a good job at making you feel comfortable with the entire process, and they pretty much walk you through it.

They actually a neat video, here it is:


If you want to read about some more useful information from Global Gold and Silver, you can check them out here:

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